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"Lawyers at Middleton & Sullivan, Attorneys at Law of Covina, CA, did a wonderful job for me. At the beginning of my divorce I wasn't represented and my ex-husband was. I had a really hard time with his attorney and once I hired attorneys from your law firm everything went very smoothly. We reached a great settlement and the attorney was very professional. I also noticed that they were well liked by the court staff and the judge. I highly recommend them." - Posted by a Divorce client

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"Aggressive knowledgeable Attorney, I highly recommend attorney from Lawyers at Middleton & Sullivan, Attorneys at Law. They did a great job for me in court." - Vanessa P.

Great attorney

"They are great attorney. They have great new staff, and I am able to reach them by just setting up a phone conference with them. The attorney was great in court and it is obvious that they have a wonderful reputation with the Judge. My case was a very difficult custody and property case. I am very happy with them and will refer people to them."

- Posted by a Family client.

"Before I hired attorneys from your firm, my ex dictated when I would see our kids. Now I have nearly 50% of the time with them. I am one happy dad."

- From Lawyerratingz.com

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